FARMINGTON — A longtime zookeeper at Lagoon amusement park was hospitalized Sunday after she was injured in an animal enclosure.

The woman was doing well and was "in good spirits" when Lagoon employees contacted her Monday, park spokesman Adam Leishman said. He declined, though, to provide further details about the incident, including whether the woman was injured by an animal or what kind of animal with which she was working.

"It's been likened to … in animal husbandry, when you work with horses, it's not uncommon that inevitably you're going to get your foot stepped on or get kicked," Leishman said.

He said he didn't know what hospital the woman was taken to or whether she had been released Monday.

Elena Bensor, spokeswoman for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, confirmed that an investigator is looking into the accident, but couldn't provide additional details while the case is being reviewed.

Leishman said initial phone interviews with OSHA seemed positive.

"That went well, as far as I know," Leishman said. "They seem to feel like things were covered, as far as they know today, and they haven't gotten to the park yet."