MOAB — The man whose 24-year tenure as fire chief is now over was hospitalized with serious injuries last month after he was caught having sex with his son's wife and then intentionally injured himself, according to a Moab police report released Friday.

The 13-page report, released after public records requests by KSL and the Deseret News, provides the first public explanation of why police believe Timothy John "TJ" Brewer, who was a Grand County sheriff's deputy at the time, assaulted his father, Wesley "Corky" Brewer, the fire chief, on July 12.

Officers were called just before 12:15 a.m. that day to Moab Regional Hospital, where TJ Brewer was trying to get past his uncle, also a veteran Grand County sheriff's deputy, and into the emergency room to "finish the job," the report states.

Officers said the struggle between uncle and nephew "got physical" several times and said TJ Brewer appeared to be intoxicated.

"TJ then explained to me that he had caught his wife, Logan, having sex with his father, Corky, in one of his children's bedrooms upstairs in his own house," one officer wrote.

Investigators later learned that TJ and Logan Brewer had hosted Corky Brewer at their home for dinner on July 11. After dinner, the three sat around having drinks until Logan Brewer said she was putting one of the couple's children to bed, the report states.

"TJ realized awhile later that he was alone when the kid (his wife) put to bed came downstairs," the report states. "So he went up to check on where his wife was."

Brewer told investigators he found his son's bedroom door locked, got into the room, discovered his father with his wife and "lost it."

Logan Brewer told officers her husband beat his father, then left the bedroom and returned with a handgun. She also said she heard her husband "rack a round" into the chamber of the gun.

"She stated TJ hit her, backhanded her, and pointed a handgun at her face," an officer wrote. "She believed he was going to shoot her."

Instead, TJ Brewer "pistol whipped" his father, Logan Brewer said.

TJ Brewer and his father both left the home some time after the alleged assault.

Corky Brewer went to his home, told his wife what had happened and said he needed a gun, investigators said. Brewer's wife went outside to lock her husband's gun in her car and returned to find that he had stabbed himself with a kitchen knife, the report states.

"(She) had to pull the knife out," an officer wrote.

The self-inflicted stab wound punctured Brewer's lung and nicked his liver, doctors told police, making it necessary to fly him to a hospital in Grand Junction, Colo.

Investigators said TJ Brewer told at least one person he thought he'd killed his father, then headed to the hospital "to finish him off" when he learned Corky Brewer was still alive.

Outside the hospital, Brewer alternated between distraught — telling police he'd "lost everything that mattered" — and aggressive, allegedly striking one officer and threatening the officer, the police report states.

Brewer, a 12-year veteran of the sheriff's office who was assigned to the narcotics unit at the time of the incident, was arrested and booked for investigation of attempted murder, aggravated assault, domestic violence in the presence of a child, assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct and intoxication.

But on July 23, the Utah Attorney General's Office charged the 33-year-old with assault and assault on police officer, both class A misdemeanors.

Prosecutors will have to make their case against Brewer without help from his wife. An attorney for Logan Brewer has filed notice that she intends to assert spousal privilege and will refuse to testify against her husband if called to do so.

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Attorneys for TJ and Logan Brewer both declined to comment on the information contained in the police report when contacted Friday. Moab Valley Fire Protection Commission Chairman Izzy Nelson said Corky Brewer resigned as fire chief Thursday.

"So that puts an end to that," Nelson said.

The Deseret News and KSL-TV first filed a public records request for a copy of the police report on July 16. The Moab Police Department denied the initial request, but released the report this week after an appeal was filed.

TJ Brewer's first court appearance is set for Tuesday. He faces up to one year in jail for each charge, if convicted.


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