YouVersion’s Bible App hit a significant milestone earlier this month when it topped 100 million downloads. After Bible App surpassed 100 million downloads on July 6, the Christian Post’s Alex Murashko reported, “The free Bible App was among the first 200 apps available on iTunes. … For three consecutive years, Apple has ranked the Bible App among the top 100 free apps. Currently, it's available for virtually every mobile device. Pastor Bobby Gruenewald of in Oklahoma, the pastor, who came up with the idea of using technology to make the Bible more accessible on smart phones and tablets, said he hopes the app will surpass the popularity of those rated the highest in the field today.”

One of Bible App’s signature features is how it aims to connect users with one of more than 400 Bible study plans, so that people ostensible get hooked on reading the Bible on a daily basis. A new feature article on The Atlantic’s website delves into the data-heavy methodology Bible App employs to catalyze scripture study.

“These reading plans,” Nir Eyal wrote for The Atlantic, “provide structure to the difficult task of reading the Bible for those who have yet to form a routine. ‘Certain sections of the Bible can be difficult for people to get through,’ Gruenewald admits. ‘By offering reading plans with different small sections of the Bible each day, it helps keep [readers] from giving up.’ The app focuses the reader on the small task at hand, avoiding the intimidating task of reading the entire book. …

“The Bible app is designed to make absorbing the Word as frictionless as possible. … Gruenewald says his data also revealed that changing the order of the Bible, placing the more interesting sections up front and saving the boring bits for later, increased completion rates. Furthermore, daily reading plans are kept to a simple inspirational thought and a few short verses for newcomers. The idea is to get neophytes into the ritual for a few minutes each day until the routine becomes a facet of their everyday lives.”