The scientific journal Pediatrics published results Monday from a study that reveals an alarming rise in injuries suffered by children as a result of falling televisions.

“The rate of pediatric injuries caused by falling TVs is increasing, which underscores the need for increased prevention efforts,” the study concluded. “Prevention strategies include public education, provision of TV anchoring devices at the point of sale of TVs, TV anchoring device distribution programs, strengthening of standards for TV stability, and redesign of TVs to improve stability.”

In 1991, the rate of injuries to kids caused by falling televisions was approximately 0.6 incidents per 10,000 children. By 2010, the number had risen to nearly 2.0 incidents per 10,000 juveniles.

"There is a myth that as flat screens were introduced in the marketplace, we would see a decrease in the number of TV-tip over related injuries to young children," co-author Dr. Gary Smith told NPR. "This study shows the opposite is true."