Blaze radio stops by Salt Lake City

By Jonathan Boldt

For the Deseret News

Published: Tuesday, July 9 2013 12:55 p.m. MDT

Buck Sexton is a former CIA agent and now co-hosts the Real News each night on the Blaze TV and entertains Team Buck, a devoted fan base each Saturday afternoon.

“I had – to be completely honest, tremendous private sector opportunities when I left the agency and government service and was on my way to one of the best business schools in the world. I sat down and to have gone through that process and coming so close to going to either NYU, Columbia or the Wharton School of Business and to cast that aside is just madness – unless you know that this is what you are meant to do. And after talking to Betsy Morgan who is a president of the Blaze and talking immediately to Glenn, I knew this is where I wanted to be. I lost a large deposit for school, I turned down all these other people that where offering me jobs and to cast that all aside – I do, I absolutely love what I do,” Sexton said

“I have a problem now when I go on vacation – if I miss my radio show to go on vacation, I can’t enjoy it. I’ll go on vacation but it has to be after I’ve done the show and then I’ll come back Monday afternoon so I can be back in time for Real News because I miss doing it when I’m not there. I love doing radio, it feels like such an intimate medium and venue with the people that are listening. I view it as a conversation with each and everyone listening, it’s like a one on one conversation magnified out many thousands of times.”

Understanding where the Blaze Radio is headed and their potential for growth is complex and requires understanding the motives of its founder and sole owner of all the Blaze brands.

“Their goals are very lofty,” Thompson said. “Something dawned on me, I was trying to explain Glenn to my brother and I paused and said; ‘Ultimately Glenn wants to change the world’ – that’s my perception of how he approaches things. He wants to change the world for good and he goes about it in all kinds of different ways – books, TV, movies and educating people through entertainment. And all the money he brings in goes to fund other projects and humanitarian projects like Mercury One. When it comes to where you want to be, Glenn never thinks small, it’s just go get it done.”

In the aftermath of the tornado outbreak in Oklahoma, Beck via his charity arm, Mercury One – organized donations of physical necessities as well as fundraising efforts over the airwaves. Thompson and LaCombe chipped in by doing an unprecedented 24 out of 27 hours of live broadcasting and on location in Moore, OK.

“Things like going to Oklahoma and doing 27 hours of live radio don’t pay extra. It’s not like they came to us and offered a whole bunch of money, they asked if we could help out and we were just grateful to be a part of that. There’s not a lot that Doc and I are especially talented at, but if we could go and lend our voice, we were happy to do that. And Mercury One raised $1.5 million in under 48 hours so it was an amazing experience to be a part of.”

Beck’s success in multiple arenas only serves as comfort for his Radio talent.

“I’m going to have to say I’m a confident ignoramus because I don’t know anything about the business side. And frankly I’m so confident because of Glenn’s genius and success that I feel like I am Google employee or Microsoft employee number 78. So I figure, do my job, do it well and the business side of it takes care of itself. I know that we exist for our sponsors and for our audience and if I can serve those both well, I assume that what helps me feed my family takes care of itself,” Severin said.

“Sean Hannity who is a good friend, said to me that I am very fortunate and; ‘this is where the medium is going and this is where its going to be so you’ve really hitched your wagon to a thoroughbred’ – so my confidence comes from Glenn’s success in everything he does and has done.”

Sexton joins in on the vision as a member of each of the platforms and has lofty goals of his own.

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