Modesty: For it or against it? Passionate responses to swimsuit debate

Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

"When we speak of modesty strictly in terms of covering our bodies from the sexual gaze of others, we are keeping the level of discourse at the shallow waters of women and girls as bodies alone," they wrote on their site. "An open discussion about modesty from the perspective of our research can get us somewhere much more powerful and valuable than the shallow 'modest is hottest' mentality so prevalent today."

Others decided to point fingers at Rey herself, criticizing her for only half-heartedly standing up for women in the fashion world.

"I also find it highly ironic that during her talk about redefining beauty standards for the benefit of women based on research, that she is wearing shoes that have been shown in multiple studies to do physical damage to women, and primarily exist due to their perceived sex appeal," Erin Rierson commented on the video.

"Not only is she trying to sell something, she essentially is saying, 'See, you can still bow to the unrealistic demands of fashion while doing this other thing that a segment of society is trying to force upon you!' "

Along with those who have an ax to grind with Rey, many other bloggers and women in general were exhilarated by Rey's stand for her definition of modesty.

"I certainly will be ordering (my swimsuit) soon," Allison Gober posted on the Rey Facebook page. "Thank you so much for your biblical stance on modesty and what a Godly woman should be! Very refreshing in our current society."

Ashley Elizabeth also commented, "Good for you guys! Glad to see a company like this succeed!"

Blogger Amelia Landes Murdock decided to post on the topic as well after viewing both Rey's and Grigg's viral opinions. Regarding Rey's video, Murdock wrote "Swimsuit modesty — Judgmental or just common sense?"

"It was interesting and had some good points, but what was most interesting was the popularity of it on my Facebook feed. People LOVED seeing support of modesty in swimsuits!"

Murdock continues to discuss Grigg's take in her post on the modesty issue.

"It also made some interesting points," Murdock wrote. "She thought that women should wear what they want and others shouldn't judge her for it. They shouldn't notice it and men should control their thoughts. That's a great idea in theory — but in our reality, I don't buy it."

"Society has certain norms, things that are acceptable and not acceptable," she continued. "There are some things we do or don't do because it draws attention to the body rather than our mind, or our ideas (both men and women). I mean, the reason it's socially unacceptable to never shower, pick your nose or crack your knuckles in public is because its so DARN DISTRACTING!"

Continuing on, Murdock combats the idea that people can be free to do whatever they please and should be able to without a second thought.

"Sure, if someone starts cracking their back, or their knuckles while talking to you, it's not harming you. They are doing what they want with their body," Murdock writes. "But it instantly takes your thoughts away from what they are saying to what they are doing with their bodies."

Murdock expressed that if everyone decided to do whatever made them comfortable, "society might be a little gross" and many would have a difficult time avoiding the physical distractions. Although other cultures and different time periods have changed these norms, Murdock stated that her opinions are pertaining to the here and now.

"Simply put, women should not believe their intrinsic value is based on their bodies," Murdock wrote. "Thus, any and all avenues to promote focus on what is of true, lasting value is the way we should go.

"Immodest dress isn't intrinsically bad, but if women want to be valued for their minds, their spirits and their unique personalities — stop using your scantily clad body as a distraction!"

Either way, the publicity has been good for Rey and her swimwear business, as just last week the swimsuit designer posted on her Facebook page that the entire stock of suits were on backorder due to the heavy demand.

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