Modesty: For it or against it? Passionate responses to swimsuit debate

Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

Jessica Rey, former "Power Ranger" and now modest swimsuit designer, seems to have stirred up a conversation many online have been waiting to debate. Several questions have been asked, and many bloggers have given their own two cents.

Rey Swimwear

Jessica Rey, former "Power Rangers" actress and now modest swimsuit designer, seems to have stirred up a conversation that online commenters have been waiting to debate.

During Rey's Q Ideas speech, she expressed her belief that "modesty isn't about covering up our bodies because they're bad. Modesty isn't about hiding ourselves; it's about revealing our dignity."

Rey mentioned many other things in her nine-minute discussion, and since then several questions have been posed online regarding the "modesty issue." In response, many bloggers have shared their two cents.

What does wearing a bikini say about someone? How are one-pieces better than two-piece swimming suits? And who defines modesty or whether it's important?

This online discussion is hardly new, as many have given their personal advice far before Rey's viral video. Yet, the popularity of Rey's speech has only heated up the already passionate debate — exciting those who agree and causing an uproar among those who do not.

One blogger, whose response has also seen viral streaks, expressed her appreciation for the discussion yet had several concerns with some of Rey's explanations.

"Efforts to resist this cultural tide are necessary and laudable, and I applaud those parents who are raising their daughters to value themselves intrinsically," Amy Grigg wrote on her blog "To everyone that believeth."

"Though it is indeed objectifying to teach a woman that her value lies in wearing fewer clothes and showing off her body so as to turn on the boys around her, it is also objectifying to teach a woman that her value lies in wearing more clothes and covering up her body so as to keep the thoughts of the boys around her pure."

While Grigg agrees it is important to address the modesty issue, she believes a woman should not consider anyone but herself when making the wardrobe choice.

"The better message is this: wear what you want, like and feel comfortable in, not for its effect on other people, but so that you can be happy and free as you go about doing many good things in the world. And stop judging other people for what they wear as they go about living their lives because it’s none of your business and it’s not about you."

Grigg, who was particularly irritated with the thought that a woman should not wear a bikini simply to help a man control his thoughts, then decided to back up her opinion from a religious standpoint.

"It isn’t your responsibility to prevent others from sinning," Grigg wrote. "Jesus did not say, 'Whosoever lusteth after a woman … should tell her to put more clothes on, already, she’s causing him to have impure thoughts!' Jesus laid the blame at the feet of the man whose heart was filled with lust, not the women he dehumanized. And so should we. Because lust is a problem of the heart, not of the wardrobe."

Lexi and Lindsay Kite with Beauty Redefined also found themselves in the midst of the bikini conversation. In a post on their Facebook page, the Kite sisters detailed their opinion that women should do what they feel is right and refrain from judging others.

"If you're pro-modesty (by whatever definition that means to you), then live it and teach it as a means for empowerment and benefit to yourself, not as a protection for men. You are capable of much more than being looked at, and your swimwear decisions can reflect that. Simultaneously, let's make sure we're not shaming or blaming any girl or woman for what she chooses to wear to the pool or otherwise. We're in this fight together!"

In their post "Modest is hottest? The revealing truth," Lexi and Lindsay Kite also chimed in regarding being modest simply for the benefit of male onlookers.

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