NORTH LOGAN — Police have identified a 3-year-old boy who drowned in an apartment hot tub Friday night but have not yet determined how he came to be in the water.

Carter Bassett of Franklin County, Idaho, was found floating face down in a hot tub at the Four Seasons apartment complex in North Logan Friday night, according to North Logan police officer Rob Italasano.

According to police, the boy's family was attending a nearby wedding reception when the toddler somehow entered the gated hot tub area and fell into the water. A bystander jumped over a fence to retrieve the child and began CPR as emergency responders were called.

The child was then transported to Logan Regional Hospital where medical personnel were unable to resuscitate him, officials said.

Police do not believe the child's death was the result of an intentional or negligent action by another person, but it is not yet clear how the boy entered the secure location.