VERNAL — The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has teamed up with Anadarko to give pronghorns south of Vernal some new water sources.

The partnership has resulted in establishing 12 new guzzlers, which provide water to animals in parched lands.

"Pronghorns and other desert animals are well-adapted to the harsh, dry conditions," said Ben Williams, DWR project leader. "So just a small source of water, like a guzzler, can be the critical difference between survival and death."

Anadarko, an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company, donated funds to purchase the 1,800-gallon water tanks and other materials for the project. DWR employees then installed the guzzlers.

Guzzlers are connected to catch basins, or aprons, that collect water from rainfall and snow. Water then collects in the tanks. From the tanks, water is released into small drinking areas accessible to wildlife.