Balancing act: Who is in control of your work-life balance?

Published: Tuesday, June 18 2013 10:05 a.m. MDT

I also believe that a wise manager, and a successful company, will try to help employees build a balanced life. By doing so, they may find that they are more successful at retaining talented workers. They also may find that employees who have better work-life balance are happier and more productive.

In his email, Mike continues by sharing a message for younger co-workers, urging them not to complain and to remember how lucky they are to have jobs at all.

"Here's how this works: You arrive at a building every day and perform a task. For this, you will be paid a certain amount of money," Mike wrote. "If you do not perform the task properly, you may be strongly encouraged to stay out of the building. (You are fired. No more money.)

"If you succeed in your task, you get to keep coming back to the building. ... If you put in extra effort, help others or make the company more money, you may be eligible for a raise. (May is the operative word here. You don't get more money just because you show up for work and complete your task for a year.)

"Take responsibility for your job and your life. ... I am going to complete my daily task now, so I can get money and return to the building again tomorrow. But, I choose to do so. It's my personal responsibility."

Yes it is, Mike. And I appreciate you sharing your views, admitting as you did that they could be the rant of a curmudgeon or pearls of wisdom from someone with experience.

Either way, I agree with your core message that we must take personal responsibility for our own work-life balance based on the choices we make. I did so, and I've been blessed by the results.

I'd like to hear other readers' opinions of this, too. Do you agree with Mike? Or do you think companies should play a more active role in encouraging work-life balance for their workers?

Let me know, and I'll share some of your responses in a future column.

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