SALT LAKE CITY — The state Department of Environmental Quality has announced the top three winners of its YouTube video contest that highlighted ozone pollution in 30 seconds.

Jason Girouard of Brimfield, Mass., won first prize for capturing the many things people can do to prevent ozone pollution in “Let’s Conserve Energy".

Travis Thurston of Bountiful came in second place, but his two boys won the hearts of many for “We Like Clean Air".

Jordan Kocherhans of Highland was third with a look at how not to go to extremes to prevent ozone in “Alternate Transportation".

The contest, which ran in May, sought talented YouTube users to submit 30-second videos featuring ozone — an invisible gas formed when vehicle exhaust or other emissions mix with sunlight and heat. The rules were to show how ozone is formed, how it impacts health, or what people can do to prevent it.

More than 500 people scored their favorites from the five finalists.

The winners received cash prizes, while all the qualified participants' videos will be used for educational purposes.