FARR WEST, Weber County — A motorcyclist was hospitalized with head injuries and compound fractures to both legs after crashing into an SUV that was making an unsafe U-turn Sunday, police said.

Christopher Sly, 40, of Harrisville, was thrown over the Dodge Durango after crashing into the driver's side of the SUV around 6 p.m.

The SUV, driven by Kent Redford, 26, was headed east on 1800 North when Redford attempted a U-turn, cutting off Sly's motorcycle around 1900 West, according to Weber County Sheriff's Cpl. Tyler Greenhalgh.

The motorcycle did not leave skid marks, officers said, which means the driver of the motorcycle did not apply his brakes before crashing into the SUV. Investigators estimated Sly was traveling 40-45 mph when he crashed.

Sly was wearing a helmet but still suffered possible head injuries. Both legs had compound fractures as a result of the crash, Greenhalgh said.

Sly was taken to an Ogden hospital to be treated for his injuries. As of Sunday evening, he was in "pretty serious condition," police said.

Redford was cited for an unsafe U-turn, according to police.

"People just need to be aware of motorcycles," Greenhalgh said. "They're hard to spot sometimes and hard to notice, and stuff like this shouldn't happen, doesn't need to happen."

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The motorcycle was wedged under the Durango, and the two vehicles needed to be pulled apart before being towed.

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