ABC's new show 'Mistresses' accused of glamorizing adultery

Published: Thursday, May 30 2013 3:20 p.m. MDT

"The fun part is that it's about the relationships, between the four women but also between the men that come in and out of their lives," George said. "Occasionally that means that people fall into a bed, for the most part it's about the decisions you make before you fall into bed, or the decisions when you decide not to fall in the bed."

George continued to express that while he believes in fidelity, the show simply opens up the topic discussion, rather than making any judgments. With this approach, George expressed that those who are in similar situations may watch the show and recognize the consequences could happen to them.

The founder of Mistresses Anonymous, and former mistress herself, Sarah Symonds also joined the conversation. To her, this type of network television show is long overdue.

"Of course America is ready — we've been ready for years. It's just the networks who haven't been willing to take those risks. I for one am thrilled that ABC is taking this show on," Symonds said. "It's very astonishing it hasn't happened before because in the states you've got shows about everything."

Others participating in the discussion had differing opinions. Tracy Schorn, founder of a site for individuals who have been cheated on, expressed her distaste for the show's portrayal of a glamorous and sophisticated mistress.

"It's the fluffy soap opera stuff I could watch before I was cheated on, but anyone who's experienced infidelity would find the premise of the show hugely offensive," Schorn said. "I think something like ‘Mistresses’ desensitizes our culture to the actual harm that infidelity does."

Yet, the cast and producers of the drama have continued to express that the show is not just about the scandal and deceitfulness of affairs.

"I'm getting really excited for you guys to see 'Mistresses,'" leading actress Alyssa Milano tweeted. "I promise it is about so much more than the title implies."

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