Q & A with Golden Gloves President Ray Rodgers

Published: Sunday, May 19 2013 1:28 p.m. MDT

Very healthy. Being interested and involved in Golden Gloves as long as I have been extremely interested in that, and I’ve kind of unofficially and informally polled coaches and things, and if anything, amateur boxing is back on the rise to where it will seek its glory place where we’ve been in the past. Can I give you specific numbers? No. But I go all over the country and everywhere I go, we’re having amateur boxing and that’s a good sign, a healthy sign.

What caused the drop-off?

One of the only problems I see, there is so much entry level at young ages (for other sports). We can only start a youngster at 8 years old because of insurance requirements, and they’re starting soccer and peewee ball and all that at 3. ... As soon as you can walk. ... And I’ll tell you what, the younger ones bring the fans out.

What is the best thing young people get from boxing?

Self-motivation and discipline. Self-discipline is the only discipline that lasts. You can make a kid stand in the corner; you can spank him and all of that; but self-discipline is something that will stay with you all your life.

Why does boxing teach that lesson so well?

Because you have to be so intense, so focused on making sure you get yourself to the peak of competition. And it just tends to meld you into a person who is a doer instead of a talker.

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