SANDY — Some parents in the Canyons School District say they're concerned about the walk their children may have to take to get to a new elementary school next fall.

Curt and Heidi Davenport live in Cranberry Hill on the border of Sandy and Draper. Currently, their kids are bused to a school several miles away. But next year, the kids will attend Crescent Elementary at 11100 S. 230 East, which is much closer to their home.

The Davenports say they're thrilled about having a school closer to home, but they're concerned that their children will be expected to walk just under a mile and a half and cross 11400 South to get to the school.

"I would not allow my kids to walk to school not knowing what's happening on that mile walk," Heidi Davenport said.

Students will be required to cross 11400 South at 300 East, where traffic recently has increased dramatically with the addition of a Scheels store, a new freeway exit and a TRAX station.

"That is so scary to me to think that they're going to have kids cross that street,” she said. “It's so busy.”

"Now, to get to school, the kids from Cranberry Hill will have to pass four lanes of traffic on a very busy street," said Chantal Lapicola, another concerned mother. "The cars just drive way too fast."

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Canyons School District spokesman Jeff Haney said the district is working with the city to provide crossing guards. Parents want a bus, but they live just under the distance cutoff. At a minimum, they want flashing lights and markings for a school zone.

District officials said neither of those things are planned. However, they are examining the best way to get the kids to school safely.

"Everything is on the table," Haney said. "We can talk about that with our partners and see what we can come up with."