Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Letters from a mother: Do you know how much I love you, sons?

Published: Thursday, May 9 2013 6:10 p.m. MDT

Today, you laughed! You seem too young to be doing that, too, but it was the sweetest sound I've ever heard. I grabbed my phone and was able to get it on camera. I sent it to Daddy, and he was so amazed. He loves you and your brothers almost as much as I do (wink wink).

You have taught me to slow down, to focus on that which matters most (my little men, of course). You have taught me to not only love you unconditionally, but to love myself the same. You have brought me down to reality, and lifted my spirits up to heaven. Oh, and you are by far my very best sleeper! I owe what’s left of my sanity to your sleeping between seven and nine consecutive hours EVERY NIGHT.

Bless you, child. I am in love with you!


My little boys are my everything. I feel like a princess — the queen of my castle with my knights in shining armor taking care of and protecting me. Do you know how much I love you? How I would do anything — anything — for you? How my heart aches when I can’t be it all, do it all, or give you all, all the time? I sometimes sneak into your rooms at night and stare at your perfect, porcelain faces as you dream. I sometimes wonder how my sweet mother did it. How did she send us out into the world to find our way? How did she let us go, trusting we’d make right decisions, yet being there every time we fell? How did she create such an undeniable feeling of love, peace and comfort in our home? Just seeing her made me feel like all was right in the world.

I want to be that for you.

I want you to know that I am in awe of our Heavenly Father for entrusting you to me. I am honored, ecstatic and humbled to be called “Mother” — your mother. I want you to know that this role, this most important calling, this title, will never be taken away from me. It will never lose its reverent meaning. I will forever be your mother. And that’s all I want, for now, for eternity.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, my sons, for letting me be yours.

Carmen Rasmusen Herbert is a former "American Idol" contestant who writes about entertainment and family for the Deseret News.

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