Critics push for alternative to West Davis highway

Published: Tuesday, May 7 2013 4:31 p.m. MDT

Dr. Courtney Henley, with Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, said pollution levels jump 20 to 30 times higher next to freeway than in a general community, giving rise to an assortment of severe health consequences, including asthma, stroke and developmental disease.

"The studies are irrefutable," Henley said.

UDOT spokesman John Gleason said the environmental study due to be released is just one step in a long review of the proposal, which is subject to modification along the way.

Gleason said one of the options on the table is no highway.

"There is really no final decision until after we have all of these public meetings where we encourage community input and take into account all the feedback," he said.

A final decision will not be made until 2014, Gleason said.

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