Brad Rock: College Football Playoff already needs a makeover

Published: Saturday, April 27 2013 3:36 p.m. MDT

Maybe they just need encouragement. Instead of calling it the College Football Playoff, they could call it “The Playoffs Formerly Known as BCS.”

Rather than the Super Bowl, the NFL could call it the “Midwinter Gridiron Classic.” The NBA Finals could become “The Bill Russell Cup,” seeing how he pretty much invented the NBA Finals anyway.

It has been suggested the colleges call their final event the “Football Four.” Not great, but it’s as good as the Final Four. Only problem is that it implies the playoff will never grow.

How about the “Great American Football Summit?” or “Bo Jackson’s Revenge?”

OK, that might be a little silly, but surely they could spice things up.

The point is that they avoid calling it what they are: the College Football Playoff.


Because we already know that.

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