The gift of golf: West Jordan student offers others the chance to play

Published: Friday, April 26 2013 1:10 p.m. MDT

“It was sweet,” he said. “People don’t really realize how having your own set of clubs in golfing, how it could start them golfing for the rest of their lives. That’s kind of what I wanted to get started, was for them to pass it down to a new generation of golfers, and just get more girls golfing.”

Peterson has seen the joy golf brings to his mom, who started golfing when she remarried 11 years ago. He knows the joy, friendship and sense of accomplishment it’s brought to his life.

“It’s taught me honesty, integrity because that’s what golf is all about,” he said, as his mom was assisting some young golfers in need of putters. “It’s taught me how to be a gentleman.”

It’s also taught him that sharing one’s good fortune is a very satisfying endeavor. In addition to trying to figure out ways to keep this program going while he’s in college, he hopes to add to what the girls get with their clubs.

“We only went to two courses,” he said. “I don’t know if we could get that many sets again, but maybe if we go all over the state.”

Peterson, who is now working at a golf course, also wants to ask golf courses if they’ll donate gift cards or time to the girls so they can practice. One of the athletic directors told Peterson that some girls skip lunch so they can buy a bucket of balls in an effort to improve. He said that improving their skills will also improve the level of enjoyment and satisfaction they derive from the game.

“I would like to keep it going,” he said. “I would like to get more and more girls involved. … Girls golf here is kind of a new thing. I think girls golf is going to be huge, and I’d like to see them golfing for the rest of their lives.”

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