Linda & Richard Eyre: The cancerous curse of cohabitation

Published: Wednesday, April 24 2013 5:20 a.m. MDT

        • It both replaces and weakens marriage as suggested above.
        • It treats a partner like a car or a vacuum cleaner that ought to be used or test-driven before it is committed to.
        • It stems from “individual freedom and options” rather than from responsibility, commitment and children’s needs. Selfishness prevails over sacrifice.
        • It doesn’t unite or combine families like marriage does. You don’t gain cousins, uncles, in-laws and extended families through cohabitation.
        • It doesn’t bring about resilience and reconciliation. The tendency and the impulse when things turn sour are to cut and run rather than to hang in there and resolve.
        • It feeds on itself. People who have cohabitated once are more likely to do it again, and each time the chance of maintaining a long-term, committed relationship goes down.

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