Mona Lisa Harding has home-schooled all of her 10 children, signing up her first six in college courses before the age of 12.

Harding, along with her husband Kip and 10 children, were featured on the "Today Show" in a report by Bob Dotson Wednesday morning.

"I don't have any brilliant children,” Mona Lisa Harding told Dotson. “I'm not brilliant. My husband's not brilliant. We're just average folks.”

By home-schooling her kids, Harding recognized that they would learn more and get less distracted if they studied something they were really interested in. Harding expressed the importance of allowing her kids to pursue their interests.

Hannah Harding is the oldest of the bunch and took her own college entrance exams at age 12. By 22, she held master's degrees in math and mechanical engineering. Daughter Serennah also has achieved much at the young age of 22 as she is about to become a Navy doctor.

While the Hardings' children have excelled academically, Harding explained that by the sixth child, early college courses have quickly become the normal path for their family.

"By the time you get down to number five, number six, they just think learning seems normal," Harding told Dotson. "We find out what their passions are, what they really like to study, and we accelerate them gradually."

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Sarah Sanders Petersen is an intern for the Deseret News, where she writes for Mormon Times and does other feature articles. She is a communications major and editing minor from Brigham Young University.