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Marion Jensen, who writes under the name Matthew Buckley, is one of several Utah authors and authors with local ties who is working on the Massive Fiction Project to help aspiring writers.

Several local authors and authors with Utah ties are spearheading a project to help aspiring writers.

This Massive Fiction project will set up the background of a story complete with setting, plot and characters through three novellas written by Marion Jensen, who also writes under the name Matthew Buckley, Robison Wells and Dan Wells. Then, the authors plan to license it in a way that aspiring writers can run with their own stories in that world without any legal limitations, according to Jensen.

“We're hoping to write three novellas, and multiple first chapter and story starts, that will create a brand new world that people can not only write in, but publish and sell their work,” Jensen wrote in an email to the Deseret News.

Fan fiction is technically illegal if it uses copyrighted or licensed characters and ideas. With the license those with the Massive Fiction project are planning to use, the ideas, characters, setting and stories will be open for anyone to use, Jensen wrote.

“The setting, plot, and characters are already there (in fan fiction), and students can focus on smaller tasks such as dialogue or character arc,” Jensen wrote.

Other authors involved include Kiersten White and Larry Correia, who both have been on the New York Times best-seller lists, Jessica Day George, Brodi Ashton and J. Scott Savage.

The group has started a Kickstarter project to raise $30,000 for the project, which will be used to cover the expenses of the project, including publishing the novellas, paying designers and artists and shipping expenses. Jensen said that the authors aren’t likely to receive royalties from this like they would from other publishing projects.

"It's part of giving back to the community," Jensen wrote.

As of Friday, there were more than 80 backers and more than $3,500 pledged. (And some of the funding levels include helping to name characters in the novellas, manuscript reviews and being one of the people in their book dedications.)

If funded — the Kickstarter deadline is June 6 — the novellas would be written during the summer, edited in the fall and the final project completed by the end of the year in both e-book and hard copy formats, according to Jensen.

“Good or bad, from an educational standpoint, fan fiction is an excellent way to learn,” Jensen wrote. “It utilizes an educational concept called scaffolding, which means writers can focus on smaller parts of the process. And ultimately, helping people learn to write is what we're hoping to facilitate.”

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The genre is science fiction, and it’s described on the Kickstarter page as “near-future, involving human experiments leading up to a generational space flight.” Also, “The world is full of conspiracies, mystery, and paranoia.”

Use "Massive Fiction" to search for the Kickstarter project on www.kickstarter.com.

Massive Fiction project to help aspiring writers

Several local authors and authors with Utah ties are spearheading a project to help aspiring writers. This Massive Fiction project will set up the background of a story and they plan to license it so aspiring writers use the ideas without legal limitations. They've started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project.

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