Duce's Wild: Dangers of stunting the growth of family trees

Published: Thursday, March 28 2013 7:25 p.m. MDT

In one interview he said, "We actually don't have real differences along religious lines. It's a question now of ‘religiosity,’ or how much one attends church.” He surmised that those who regularly attend worship services tend to have more children.

I agree with Last that having children is an indication of our personal appreciation for the past and hope in the future. My heart goes out to those who want children, but are unable. But for those choosing to drastically stunt the reach of their family tree, I worry they may not “see the forest for the trees.”

I believe growing families that are emotionally healthy and spiritual give vital stability to society. Families make each individual a little less selfish, more service-oriented and self-reliant through hard work. Parents who provide children a stable, healthy environment are contributing to a bright future not only for the child but for the community as well.

And so, I see a healthy, pregnant American woman as one of the bravest souls on earth who is sacrificing her own comfort not only for the sake of her child, but for our nation as a whole.

Stacie Lloyd Duce is a columnist and magazine editor featured regularly in several Montana and Utah publications. Her columns appear Thursdays on desnews.com. Email: duceswild7@gmail.com

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