Ziggy Ansah originally thought he would attend his graduation ceremony from BYU instead of the NFL draft in New York City.

Promptly following this decision, he got a lot of grief from his friends.

"I wasn't going to go (to the draft). I was going to be educational — I've got to walk at my graduation," Ansah told USA Today sports. "But then I got the invitation from the NFL, and I have my friends telling me, 'What the heck is wrong with you? You're going to go walk? Don't be stupid.’ ”

With a little bit of influence from his peers, Ansah changed his mind and will attend the draft.

The two life-changing events are scheduled for the same day, April 25. Ansah's counselor at BYU is arranging for him to walk at a different ceremony so he can have both experiences.

Whitney O'Bannon is currently a new media sports intern for the Deseret News.