Defending the Faith: Christ's resurrection was a witnessed fact, not a later fantasy

Published: Thursday, March 28 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

“Did not our heart burn within us,” reflected Cleopas and his companion along the road to Emmaus after they realized the identity of the third man who had walked with them “while he talked with us by the way?” (Luke 24:32).

Even today, many can bear similar testimony. Someday I hope to demonstrate at book length that Christians have sound historical reason to do so. “We have not followed cunningly devised fables,” insisted Peter, “when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty” (2 Peter 1:16).

Daniel C. Peterson, a BYU professor of Islamic studies and Arabic, is the founder of and chairman of "Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture." His views do not necessarily represent those of BYU.

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