At 45, Nancy Berk started her dream job.

Berk had worked for a decade as a clinical psychology professor at a university in Pittsburgh. Today she calls herself a stand-up psychologist.

It's not unusual for Americans to be dissatisfied with their careers. Eighty percent of Americans don't like their job, according to Business Insider. Some, such as Berk, are looking later in life to find a job that fits what they prefer to do.

For eight years, Berk has worked as a stand-up comedian and humor writer. Her writing has been in The Huffington Post, USA Today, and other national publications.

Berk said the transition from medicine to humor was scary but describes her career as “emotionally, financially, and creatively profitable,” according to a Learn Vest article. However, the change came with a pay cut. It helped that Berk and her husband had consistently saved money, and he works as a physician.

“It was scary, knowing I was giving up a financially stable position to take a chance,” Berk said.