NCAA Tournament Day 2 blog: Bracket-filler reactions and analysis

Published: Friday, March 22 2013 10:50 a.m. MDT

Rebounding/paint-oriented teams just aren't getting it done, though. Ole Miss played small better and won. Ditto (so far) for La Salle. Olynyk played great for Gonzaga yesterday, but they didn't pull away until their little man (Pangos) matched Southern's guards.

Landon (2 p.m.): Pardon the extended absence. You know, they do ask that I do actual work once in a while when I'm at work. The audacity, right?

If UNLV torched my bracket, Wisconsin's first-round flame-out decimated it, and this upset watch on K-state will make it reminiscent of the Hindenberg.

You weren't that far off the mark when you described the decline in interest here in our office. Only Harvey, aka Spunky the Upset Lover, and Rob Jackson, aka that guy who picked Ole Miss, are still jazzed about today's matchups so far. Everyone else is like, "Oh yeah... There's a tournament today? That's cool... whatever..."

I never would have imagined that three 12-seeds would have advanced in the first two days. One I could see, and maybe two, but three?! What's more, how about La Salle. Up by 18 on K-State at the half?! There's another game that is going to have whatever brackets weren't destroyed torn to pieces.

If your bracket is going to survive today, tweet me now, because I will want to see your bracket before I believe it...

Matt (1:33 p.m.): It's only Day 2 of the Tournament, and the workplace is 79 percent less interested because everyone's bracket is shot. That's what happens when three No. 12 seeds and a No. 14 seed advance (and a No. 13 if La Salle keeps owning Kansas State).

We shouldn't have expected anything different. We saw, what, seven different top-5 teams lose in a span of a month toward the end of the regular season? That right there proved anyone can lose, especially this year.

In a playing field like that, you can't help but cling to the few strings of consistency, with one big one jumping in front of the rest: head coaches. In such a wide open tournament, don't you feel a little better picking the guys who have been there and done that? Coach K. Izzo. The Roy Williams.

Speaking of which, isn't the possibility of a Williams-Self matchup in the Round of 32 worth a rehashed two-hour pregame show? In an age where anything LeBron James or says or tweets gets news coverage, it's impossible not to repeatedly over-analyze Williams' departure from Kansas to Chapel Hill before the two programs play each other in the big dance.

Matt (1:02 p.m.): I've never been a big cheese fan, and now I know why. Thanks, Wisconsin, for busting my bracket by attempting nine of your final 12 field goals from beyond the arc despite trailing by only four-to-six points. Well played.

Hard not to be bitter toward the lucky/inspired bracket-fillers who pegged three No. 12 seeds to get out of the Round of 64. If you're one of them, feel free to rub it in our faces via Twitter (our handles are below) or the comment feed (ditto).

With NC-State and Miami firmly in control, Creighton-Cincinnatti becomes the next split-pick game on the slate. I picked the Bearcats simply because known stars are big targets come tourney time. McDermott can shoot lights out, but so could Larry Bird and Kevin Durant. Bird and Durant were way better players on way better teams, neither of them advanced as far as they could have. Why? Because they were hounded in the Tournament.

Matt (12:30 p.m.): It's easier to swallow wrong bracket picks if one team simply outplays its opponent. It's a lot harder to accept when the team you picked pulls a Dr. Jekyll.

Kudos to Wisconsin for doing just that with the following train of thought: "Hey, I know we only shot 33 percent as a team from 3-point range this season, but let's jack up seven treys out of our last nine shots in crunch time against an Ole Miss team that thrives on long rebounds and transition offense."

Matt (12:18 p.m.): Nothing changes workplace dynamics quite like March Madness. Guys you never socialize with suddenly become your bracket buddies/enemies.

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