Two Utah Jazz dancers accept Mormon mission calls

By Jerry Borrowman

For the Deseret News

Published: Friday, March 15 2013 9:25 a.m. MDT

“It would be so selfish of me to just sit here and go through my life and not share the knowledge I have that there is a God, that he loves you, and that his son came and atoned for our sins," she said. "Most important for me is the knowledge we have that families can be together forever. I have this feeling of despair for people who think that death is an end; to me, that would fill one’s life with anxiety and depression, and so I want to share the feeling of peace that the gospel brings to me.”

Washburn, a Salt Lake City resident, is also a student, majoring in business management at Utah Valley University. She hopes to start her own business one day.

Before starting college or dreaming of serving missions, both women pursued their dreams of becoming Jazz dancers in high school.

Washburn was a member of the Bingham High School Minerettes drill team, which took first place at a state competition while she was on the team. Anderson danced for the Cottonwood High drill team, which took second place the same year, losing only to Bingham. After dancing in high school, both women decided to try out for the Jazz Dancers.

The tryouts started with a boot camp in which 120 girls competed. At the end of camp, 50 were selected for audition week. Neil Anderson, the Jazz fitness trainer, put the dancers through a physically challenging ordeal of jumping, running and dancing, including a routine similar to an exercise used to train U.S. Navy Seals, according to Anderson.

“It was unbelievably hard,” Washburn said. “We wanted to look our best, so everyone was wearing makeup, and there we were sweating like crazy because of the energy that was required to compete. Each time a drill was finished, we’d see girls giving up and walking off the course.”

After three days of conditioning, they performed three required dance routines, and then went home to wait for the appointed time when they could call a recorded message to see if their number had been selected.

Competitors in high school and even during Jazz Dancer tryouts, Anderson and Washburn became close friends when they were selected as part of the group of eight new dancers for the team.

Both have experienced many positive aspects by being associated with the Jazz Dancers.

"While our uniforms are extremely well styled, it’s clear that we have the most modest presentation in the NBA, and we like that," Washburn said.

Anderson said she likes sharing information about staying healthy with the public.

“When we get to go out and meet with young girls and the public to increase excitement for the Jazz, we are able to talk about the benefits of good physical conditioning, and the fact that a person should eat well and stay in shape," she said. "Dancing is just one way to do that.”

They both said they enjoy being part of the basketball games.

“I know I’d like to get back on the NuSkin Utah Jazz Dancers team when I get back, but who knows what will happen,” Washburn said. “I plan to stay in great shape while on my mission so I’ll be as well prepared as I can, but if I don’t make it that will be OK. At least I had this wonderful experience now.”

Anderson said her mission has become her focus.

“Three months ago I would never have thought I was going on a mission, and now it’s the most important thing in my life," she said. "So I don’t know what will happen when I get home. I think I’ll try out for the team, but that’s not what’s important right now. Right now I’m really trying to treasure this experience while it lasts, doing my very best to enjoy each and every moment I’m on the team through the rest of this season. Then I’m off to the Missionary Training Center.”

Jerry Borrowman is a Chartered Financial Consultant with a master's degree in Financial Services (MSFS). He is a best-selling author of World War I and II fiction and co-authored a biography. Visit www.jerryborrowman.com to learn more.

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