DRAPER — Police say a couple who claimed they found razor blade pieces in the doughnuts they purchased, actually placed the razor blades in the pastries themselves before ingesting them.

Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman, 39, and Michael Condor, 35, were arrested and also accused of aggravated assault after letting one of their co-workers at a Dollar Tree store bite into one of the suspect doughnuts knowing that there were razor blade pieces inside, said Draper Police Sgt. Chad Carpenter.

They were also arrested for investigation of filing a false police report.

On Wednesday, police received a call from a couple who claimed they found a triangular piece of sharp metal in a doughnut purchased at a Smith's Food Store in Draper. Smith's immediately pulled that brand of doughnuts off their shelves as a precaution.

Carpenter said that as detectives investigated the incident, however, "things weren't adding up."

Eventually two people were arrested when detectives determined the couple put the razor blades in the doughnuts themselves. The couple actually ingested fingernail- to thumbnail-sized pieces of broken razor blades, according to Carpenter. Investigators don't know if they were injured.

Hospital X-rays revealed "several razor blades" in their stomachs, according to a probable cause statement.

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"We interviewed the male today and he did admit ... that this was just a scheme thought up by them," Carpenter said. "They wanted to get a settlement of some sort."

Conder told police he and Leazer-Hardman devised the plan after telling each other about being in debt, the probable cause statement said.  

The co-worker who was the lone victim in the scenario felt the razor blade after biting into a doughnut but did not actually swallow it and was not injured, Carpenter said. 

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