Morning schedules can be frenetic when you have young children. In our house, I remember being rudely (but pleasantly) awakened from a short night’s sleep every morning at 5:30 when vigorous piano practicing started on the other side of our bedroom wall. While the older kids tried to share their time on the piano, then shower, eat breakfast and get out the door on time for school, the younger two tried to work their own routines into the mix. Add in minutes for some spirituality, driving time, last-minute homework and chores — and many parents are ready for a nap when the day’s barely begun.

This Sunday on “Mormon Times TV,” an inventive young mother will be along to explain how you can squeeze in time for a daily morning devotional that’s quick, easy, and will help you armor your children with Christian values every day before leaving home.

You’ll also have the chance to meet the reigning Miss Utah and see why she believes she’s “on a mission with a crown.” Kara Arnold talks about her efforts to help children, how she viewed her Miss America Pageant experience, and what’s in her future.

And speaking of beauty — what defines it? And how can women be more accepting of themselves as they are and not allowing worldly opinions to tell us we’re not enough? On our Sunday, March 10, show, you’ll find out how to understand your true worth as we “redefine” beauty. Plus you’ll see how some young men’s groups are paying tribute to the real beauty they see in young women.

We’ll also look at Salt Lake City architecture and see how early leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were able to build a stylish city unlike any other in America.

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