The best time to look for a college scholarship is before March in a high school student’s senior year, according to a recent study by NerdScholar.

The study looked at 5,864 private scholarships. Of these, 25 percent had deadlines in March. This also accounted for the largest pool of money available, which means the best time of the year to apply for scholarship is in March, according to the article.

For high school juniors and seniors, the availability of scholarships is more than 10 times greater than other times in a student’s life. Women also have four times more scholarship options than men.

However, gender and ethnicity had less important sway on scholarship options than a student’s home state or the area of study. Location restrictions account for 40 percent of scholarships, the area of study restricts 37 percent, but only 5 percent relate to gender, and 6 percent to ethnicity restrictions.