Balancing act: Readers say laziness is OK, in moderation

Published: Tuesday, March 5 2013 9:06 a.m. MST

"You know, I'm sure, that I like to work. In fact, I love to work. So it took me a long time to allow myself to be lazy," she wrote in an email. "Your father helped me overcome my guilt feelings about not working all the time. He's way more laid back than I am.

"It's just since I retired from teaching that I've allowed myself a daily lazy time, and that's after supper. OK, I'll admit it. Sometimes I catch up on emails a bit after supper, but mostly it's my time to watch an old movie on TV, do the daily crossword puzzle and cryptogram, and read, read, read. And it feels great. I really look forward to it each day.

"Now I realize you're a whole lot busier than I am, and, of course, you're not retired. But just keep plugging away. Your really lazy days are ahead of you, and they're something to look forward to. In the meantime, give yourself a few hours off once in a while. You deserve it."

Thanks, Mom. With your permission, I do believe I'll go take that nap now.

And if this column has had a soporific effect on some regular readers, too, that's fine by me. Just be careful if you're napping at work. Some bosses frown upon that rejuvenating activity.

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