Utah mom takes stand against pornography before Legislature

Published: Friday, March 1 2013 6:40 p.m. MST

Brown's fact-finding mission revealed to her that exposure to sexually explicit images at a young age causes a child's brain to release various hormones and neurotransmitter compounds in excess. Such a physiologic reaction, she said, can lead to decreased functioning within the brain, including the portions that regulate self control, moral judgment, emotions, analysis of various situations and goal-setting abilities.

High levels of specific compounds in the brain can inhibit proper functioning and make a person react more primitively and compulsively, with increased violence and aggression, and are more likely to engage in addictive behaviors, Brown told lawmakers.

"I want them to be offended by it. I want them to turn away and not embrace it," she said.

Instead of exposure, Brown aims to educate her children about the harms she believes pornography can cause.

"I want them to know it is their choice to walk away from it," she said.

The resolution will now make its way to the full Senate body for a vote.

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