Duce's Wild: The 90/10 rule in Sunday School

Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

In a recent lesson, a series of student-driven questions about the Plan of Salvation prompted me to tell the story of my adoption. I could have easily taken the next 30 minutes to share my story, especially because it wasn’t planned, but because I have written about it before here (or see "Child" in the February 2009 Ensign), I was able to tell the same powerful story in two minutes instead.

• Compliment your students. The more you validate what a student has shared with simple compliments, the more they will want to share again.

Please share in the comment section below how you have helped your Sunday School students become teachers in your classrooms with the new “Come, Follow Me" curriculum.

Stacie Lloyd Duce is a columnist and magazine editor featured regularly in several Montana and Utah publications. Her columns appear Thursdays on DeseretNews.com. Email: duceswild7@gmail.com

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