Monticello mill victims seek help on Utah's Capitol Hill

Bill asks feds to help with cancer screening

Published: Monday, Feb. 25 2013 1:25 a.m. MST

A group that has emerged, the Monticello Victims of Mill Tailings Exposure, said it has documented about 700 cases of cancer from those exposed to the legacy of the mill born during the “atomic stampede.”

The group’s rallying cry includes the call of “supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors and honoring the taken.”

Over the years, memorials and candlelight vigils have been held on the property in remembrance of the lives lost and the suffering residents fear is yet to come.

Hinkins’ resolution asks for the federal government to kick in money for those victims until 2044 — the year the community thinks everyone who was exposed will no longer be alive.

“The government came in and cleaned up all the properties, but they never addressed the exposure of the humans who lived here,” Adams said. “They need to take some responsibility for the human health disaster that happened here.”


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