SALT LAKE CITY — Two measures aimed at increasing bicycle and moped safety passed in the Senate Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology Committee on Tuesday.

Both bills would modify state traffic code by amending provisions relating to overtaking and passing bicycles and mopeds on the highway.

HB294 would allow motorists to cross a double yellow line to the left of the center of the roadway when overtaking and passing a bicycle or moped proceeding in the same direction, including in a no-passing zone.

Meanwhile, HB297 would allow motorists to drive in a center lane that is a two-way left turn lane to overtake and pass a bicycle or moped if the center lane is on a roadway divided into three or more lanes and is clear of traffic within a safe distance.

Both bills received unanimous approval and will now go before the full Senate.

Jasen Lee

Twitter: JasenLee1