Bloggernacle Back Bench: Young divorced sister missionary shares unique story

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 19 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

Power pick: The music videos alone could have made this worth a power pick, but when you add the description of why BYU’s Vocal Point found themselves singing at the bedside of a cancer-fighting little girl, just wow. In fact, consider reading the blog post “I Need Thee Every Hour” while playing the incredible music.

As this grateful mom explains, “There are no words that can explain the spirit those men brought to Ashtyn’s room. There is no way I can explain the power that was there. I believe Vocal Point came to the hospital today for Ashtyn. They might have lifted other children and families as well, but they were sent for Ashtyn.”

Techie tip: 5,337,178. That’s how many “Old Family Group Sheets (are) Now Online” to peruse to your genealogical heart’s content. Click in to find out how.

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