Matthew Sanders: State of the Union? 'It's complicated'

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 13 2013 9:55 a.m. MST

Why? Federal government regulation of wages distorts labor markets and ends up costing jobs. In his textbook Macroeconomics, Paul Krugman and Robin Wells note what economists have long argued that high, mandated minimum wage leads to structural unemployment. In a nation with record-levels of youth unemployment, who would be willing to work for a lower wage for experience and to build college savings, we should allow them to do so. By raising wages, small businesses will be forced to hire fewer workers. Let the market govern wages, high and low.


Negative, comabative tone of speech

Why? Unfortunately, I saw little effort to unify around a common vision or principles that would lift us above partisanship. Instead, he chided opponents of his policies for pushing "reckless cuts" in spending, and supposed "brinksmanship" and "manufactured crises". Yet, he ironically followed his plea for action on climate change with, "But if Congress won't act soon to protect future generations, I will." Whether one agrees with his proposed policies or not, you have to click "Unlike" on his tact and statesmanship last night.

It's complicated

In my lifetime, I've never seen the branches of government, or the nation so divided on social, religous and economic issues. However, such divisions are not unprecedented in our nation's history. Grating, searing debates before and after the Revolutionary war cause fears of national rupture. The Civil War pitted a national family against itself and a cold, dark and bloody war. We have marched for and gained voting and civil rights for all. Our nation has faced down tyrannical regimes, tornado devastation, recessions and depressions.

We are indeed a complicated country, but whenever we face crises and internal conflict, we tend to return again to our founding principles; we are resilient and ever stronger for it.

Matthew studied economics at Brigham Young University and business and government at Harvard University. He is a GM at Deseret Digital Media where he oversees Deseret Connect and Deseret News Service. msanders@deseretnews.com or @Sanders_Matt

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