LDS World: Susanna in the Apocrypha is a great example of virtue

Published: Sunday, Feb. 10 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

Daniel separated and interrogated each judge independently. When their testimony conflicted, Daniel charged them, “Your lie recoils on your own head: the angel of God is waiting, with a sword to drive home and split you, and destroy the pair of you.” In keeping with the Law of Moses the two judges were the ones put to death and “the life of an innocent woman was spared that day” (JB, Daniel 13:59, 63).

Susanna’s commitment to virtue was impeccable. She embodied God’s command that we “should not … fear man more than God” (Doctrine and Covenants 3:7). She prized chastity and sought God’s approval over the approval of the world.

One of Satan’s great tools is to encourage individuals to compromise God’s law of chastity and virtue, often one small misstep, then another, then another, until the individual inevitably topples off the cliff into a moral abyss. Thankfully, repentance can repair mistakes, but it's better they are not made.

Susanna sets a wonderful standard for those seeking to lead virtuous lives. Examples of virtue exist in the world today and more are greatly needed. Blessings and power from on high will be bestowed on those who hold fast to virtue.

Kristine Frederickson writes on issue-oriented topics that affect members of the LDS Church worldwide in her column “LDS World."


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