'Next Great Baker' finalist's Mormon faith on display

Published: Monday, Feb. 11 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

"I became so close to my Heavenly Father during the show because I was able to spend more time focusing on myself," she said. "I'm so busy at home and don't have that much time for as much scripture reading as I would like. To get through this show, it took a lot of prayer and scripture study."

Kwapinski has a few words of advice for anyone who may have the chance to be on a reality television show.

"Stay true to yourself and your values because that will always be beneficial," she said. "Also, keep in mind that everyone is watching you and everything you do is on camera. Any poor choice you make or any negative thing you say or do most likely will be shown on television, so by staying positive and keeping your head in the competition, it will be better in the long run."

Kylie Lewis is an intern for the Deseret News where she writes for Mormon Times and does other feature articles. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho, receiving a bachelor's degree in communications.

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