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Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Tooele perform during the 1A/2A/3A State Drill Team Championships at UVU in Orem Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013.

OREM — The Utah state drill team championships concluded Saturday night at the UCCU Center with Uintah clinching its seventh title under head coach Robin McClellan. A strong contingent of family, friends and fans turned Orem into Vernal-West for the daylong competition.

"Vernal people know how to travel," McClellan said. "We've had amazing support. Our student body has been absolutely amazing this season."

While the win adds another title to McClellan's impressive collection, it was earned by the hard work of many first-year members of the team, she pointed out.

"I've had a really young team this year," McClellan said. "I had 24 first-year members and only had eight returners, so it's been quite a story. We've worked our butts off and I'm so proud of them. Just like any team in any sport, we've had our challenges, but that just makes this sweet — so sweet."

Manti picked up the 2A title and Duchesne snagged the 1A championship to round out the winners of the two-day event. Aside from the winners, a team that did not place in the top five in any category showed the crowd how to face adversity.

San Juan took the stage for their kick-entry when the sound system went out halfway through. The girls didn't miss a beat and counted out the steps and finished their routine as if nothing went wrong. Once the sound was fixed, they were asked to repeat what they had just performed and stepped up to the plate, if only slightly winded.

Juab head coach Lisa Blackett picked up the national coach of the year award to headline the list of coaches named the top of their class.

Coach of the Year

1A - Candice Spivey (Rockwell)

2A - Mandi Martin (Kanab)

3A - Marcee Christensen (Desert Hills)

State Championship placing

1A - 1st, Duchesne; 2nd, Rockwell; 3rd, Piute; 4th, Monticello; 5th, Rich

2A - 1st, Manti; 2nd, South Sevier; 3rd, South Summit; 4th Emery; 5th Richfield

3A - 1st, Uintah; 2nd, Cedar City; 3rd, Canyon View; 4th Dixie; 5th, Union


1A - 1st, Rockwell; 2nd, Duchesne; 3rd, Piute; 4th, Monticello; 5th, Tabiona

2A - 1st, Manti; 2nd, Emery; 3rd, North Summit; 4th, South Sevier; 5th South Summit

3A - 1st, Uintah; 2nd, Canyon View; 3rd, Cedar City; 4th, Dixie; 5th, Union


1A - 1st, Rockwell; 2nd, Duchesne; 3rd, Piute; 4th, Monticello; 5th, Tabiona

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2A - 1st, South Sevier; 2nd, Manti; 3rd, South Summit; 4th, Richfield; 5th, Kanab

3A - 1st, Uintah; 2nd, Cedar City; 3rd, Canyon View; 4th, Union; 5th, Spanish Fork


1A - 1st, Duchesne; 2nd, Piute; 3rd, Rockwell; 4th, Rich; 5th, Milford

2A - 1st, Emery; 2nd, South Sevier; 3rd, Manti; 4th, South Summit; 5th Richfield

3A - 1st, Uintah; 2nd, Cedar City; 3rd, Dixie; 4th, Canyon View; 5th, Spanish Fork

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