Dick Harmon: Deer-antler spray remedy for Utes, Cougars, Jazz, Aggies

Published: Friday, Feb. 1 2013 10:43 p.m. MST

A professor at Johns Hopkins University told the Baltimore Sun that SWATS’ claims are curious because there isn't an acceptable scientific way that IGF-1 can be effectively delivered orally.

"If there were, a lot of people would be happy that they don't need to get shots anymore," Dr. Roberto Salvatori told the newspaper. "It's just simply not possible for it to come from a spray."

Anyway, this spray is apparently all over the SEC. And golfer Singh admitted he spent $9,000 on the spray and other items from a company called Sports With Alternatives to Steroids.

So, how can Alabama, LSU and Auburn players afford this spray?

Well, it is the SEC.

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