Eight Utah sports figures who are true heroes

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 29 2013 10:20 a.m. MST

Many Utah sports legends have demonstrated their heroism beyond the court or field, whether it be in the arena of the arts, corporate giving, organ donation or support for those diagnosed with cancer.

Some have appeared in TV shows, or promoted themselves on the tube, and some have made it to the big screen. But the true heroes have reached beyond the media attention and proven that following a passion in philanthropy can be just as rewarding as athletic competition, often making a big difference in someone's life. While the actual sport has been the major factor for some, more often it has come after a main career gives way to a different mission in life.

Check out the following list of athletes, coaches and sports business owners who have figured prominently as forces for good in their communities.

Rhett Wilkinson attends Utah State University and is the co-founder of Aggie BluePrint, USU's first student magazine. He can be reached at rhett.wilkinson@usu.edu or on Twitter: @wilklogan

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