Bloggernacle Back Bench: The sister missionary experience

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 22 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

Power pick: “Dear Driver, This is not an accusatory letter. I know nothing about you, the status of your personality or character, what kind of state you were in when you were driving, or the degree of safety or speeds at which you were driving. I only know that it was your jeep that hydroplaned and came to a stop in the westbound lane right in front of my mother. I also have just found out that even though my mother died, you have survived.” Oh my, this “Open Letter to the Driver of the Jeep” is heart wrenching and beautiful and completely full of grace as a daughter uses her blog to publically offer forgiveness to someone who accidentally took the life of her mother just last week. Wow. Please read.

Techie tip: Larry Richman released a link-full post on the “Gospel Topic: Missionary Preparation” which spotlights the new section on with “resources to help in missionary preparation. It’s one of the many Gospel Topics under the Teachings menu on” Cool. Plus there’s more. If you, or anyone you know, are in any part of the missionary process outlined above, then check it out.

Bloggernacle Back Bench: The sister missionary experience

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