Michelle Lehnardt: Turn off your cellphone/iPad/Kindle and listen

By Michelle Lehnardt

For the Deseret News

Published: Monday, Jan. 21 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

A generation from now, I wonder, will we look back at this decade and laugh, “Remember when we were all obsessed with devices?” Or will we scarcely look up, completely absorbed by virtual lives?

I’m determined to do better. My phone can stay in my purse and my laptop can remain closed more often. I don’t want my children to remember me with my head hunched over a screen; I want them to remember my eyes looking into theirs, laughing out loud, answering questions and listening with my whole heart.

Writer, photographer Michelle Lehnardt is raising five future fathers and one little mother. She writes at scenesfromthewild.blogspot.com on building chicken coops, hosting tea parties and missing her missionary son in Italy.

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