BYU study finds glaciers in Himalayas will continue to melt

Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2013 10:25 p.m. MST

"My job was finding all the info we could about the Bhutanese glaciers that had been compiled. I created a map showing where all of these glaciers were ... for easy access."

Burgener's experience being a part of research at BYU as a graduate student in the geology department was a huge opportunity, especially being a part of research that was being used in papers and other studies.

"For geology particularly, BYU is an amazing place to study," he said. "We've got so many awesome national parks and state parks that have amazing rock exposures and are all very close to campus. In almost every undergrad and grad class we didn't just learn about things in the classroom, but got to take fieldtrips and get out into the world and learn to apply."

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