Girl confronts abusive mother at parole hearing

Mom who adopted 2 says children still suffer post-traumatic nightmares

Published: Thursday, Jan. 3 2013 6:50 p.m. MST

That journey includes allowing her girls to regularly spend time with their siblings, who have all been adopted by families in Uintah County. They meet with a therapist as well, and are seeing improvement. But there are still the nightmares that have C.A. in her daughters' rooms in the middle of the night trying to reassure them that Napolitano isn't coming back.

"These are not just casual conversations," she said. "These are post-traumatic episodes with crying and fear."

C.A. said she plans to use the "gift of time" her family received from the parole board to help her daughters continue their recovery. She also wants to see Napolitano held accountable for alleged abuse the girls are finally feeling safe enough to talk about.

Uintah County Attorney G. Mark Thomas said his office, as in any case, is willing to examine any allegations of criminal conduct and would file charges, if there is sufficient evidence.

If new charges were filed, and Napolitano was convicted, she would likely have to serve additional time behind bars.

That's something C.A. would welcome.

"I think that we would definitely like to pursue that," she said. "We would like the gift of more time."


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