Duce's Wild: Fashion trends perpetuated by moms

Published: Thursday, Jan. 3 2013 2:05 p.m. MST

While almost every formal and semi-formal dress on the market has been devoid of sleeves for quite some time, those of us who don’t like our daughters tugging up their slipping, strapless gowns all night have either committed to alterations or been consumers of the “shrug” — a cropped jacket worn over the top of the dress. Two years ago, shrugs came in one or two colors and design. But just last month, I was shocked at the expanding options and found a black shrug adorned with the exact lace that was on the bodice of my daughter’s dress. She was thrilled, her ridiculous school friends teased about her “jacket” again but then also offered compliments, and I was happy to realize that I’m not the only mom who is buying additional fabric for formal events.

What new fashion trends have other moms helped precipitate? Confess below and have a Happy New Year!

Stacie Lloyd Duce is a columnist and magazine editor featured regularly in several Montana and Utah publications. Her columns appear Thursdays on desnews.com. Email: duceswild7@gmail.com

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