LDS stake's cemetery service project in Lewiston, Idaho serves the living

By Terry Day

For the Deseret News

Published: Saturday, Dec. 15 2012 5:00 a.m. MST

Volunteers found a lot of errors and additional information that can be added to the sexton's records. They found conflicting dates — often burial dates are on office records, but death dates are on tombstones. Sometimes middle names are engraved on the markers, but are either missing or only represented by initials on office records.

Renggli is excited about the prospect of the project adding a lot of new information to her database because Washington state didn’t require cemetery records to be kept prior to the 1930s. Vineland has markers going back over 100 years.

She also is eager to record military service information found on stones, but missing in office records. Thanks to the service project she will be able to add many veterans to the list of graves that will receive flags on Memorial Day.

It will take time for Renggli to input data from the service project, as she has no staff to help, but she plans to devote personal time to data entry, staying late or working on weekends. “It’s a project I’m willing to devote time to,” she said.

Godfrey has high praise for Vineland grounds keepers who assisted with the project.

“They jumped on this like raspberry jam on toast,” Godrfey said.

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