Timothy R. Clark: The movement from sheep-dipping to slow dripping in employee development

Published: Monday, Dec. 17 2012 5:00 a.m. MST

        1. Identify a competency your team needs to work on.
        2. Break the competency down into a set of defined skills and behaviors.
        3. Search and gather development resources from the Internet.
        4. Vet the resources for relevance and quality.
        5. Identify the best resources and fill your drip feeder with the ones that make the cut.
        6. Drip-feed one learning resource to your team as a short training segment in a weekly meeting.
        7. Assign employees to apply the skill or behavior and report back the next week.
        8. Continue drip-feeding with weekly application and accountability.

Timothy R. Clark is the CEO of TRClark LLC, a management consulting and leadership development organization. His newest book, "The Employee Engagement Mindset," has just been released from McGraw-Hill. Email: trclark@trclark.net

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